Street Resource Group, Inc.

Expertise for Mortgage Warehouse Lenders


Speak to any of our clients and all will say nice things about SRG.  We work very hard to preserve and protect our reputation for superior software and support.  Below are a few comments:

“It’s a mortgage literate system. We don’t have to fit to a traditional bank’s loan system to handle residential mortgage loans and all the data that goes with them. It accepts Fannie and Freddie data seamlessly. Our customers easily access the system and upload loans in standard data formats, without having to re-key everything.” 
- VP, Southwest Bank

“Other systems require a large amount of customization, development, time and cost, but WLS allows somebody who wants to enter the warehouse business to get into the market quickly.”
- SVP, First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation

“This evolution of technology enables the warehouse loan funding request to be much more integrated in line with the entire closing process, rather than being an obstacle or sidestep to the process. As technology continues to advance and companies like Street Resource Group provide innovative tools specific for warehouse lending, both originators and warehouse lenders will continue to benefit from the efficiencies created. We are able to add significant value back to the originator.”
- SVP, Regions Funding

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