Street Resource Group, Inc.

Expertise for Mortgage Warehouse Lenders

SRG Warehouse Loan System

The SRG Warehouse Loan System (WLS) provides a highly configurable software platform that completely automates the entire mortgage warehouse lending process. Mortgage bankers and their warehouse lenders can now operate at peak efficiency and achieve maximum profitability.

  • Increase Operational Efficiency
    • Customers Upload Loan Data
    • Automated Paperless Workflow
    • Integrated Document Imaging
  • Superior Customer Service to Mortgage Bankers
    • 24/7 Online, Real-Time Information
    • Pipeline Management and Individual Loan Status
    • Extensive Operational and Management Reporting
  • Improve Underwriting and Risk Management
    • Extensive Data Validation and Exception Tracking
    • Workflow Control and Decision Logic
    • Integrated Fraud Detection
  • Maximize Profitability, Minimize Cost
    • Lower Cost Per Transaction
    • Improve Efficiency Ratios
    • Risk-Based Rates and Fees

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